Organizations have focused on patient-centered care by leveraging digital engagement solutions in pursuit of improved outcomes. The relationship between provider and patient is a two-way relationship and organizations must ensure the technology is effectively integrated into provider workflows to promote efficiency and retention.

In this resource, Chief Digital Officer at Quil, Dwight Raum, provides insights into how digitizing patient engagement can alleviate provider burden and allow clinical teams to practice at the top of their licenses. Please complete the form to request this white paper.
Quil helps patients and their families organize and navigate their health life. Our care engagement platform, Quil Engage, informs, guides, and activates patients in their care in partnership with providers and loved ones. Quil Engage supports patient engagement with dynamic, personalized content that informs and educates patients, allowing them to become active participants in their care plans. Quil Engage delivers content across any pane of glass (smartphone, computer, TV) to support easy, convenient access for patients. Quil Engage is integrated directly into the patient activation and clinical workflow to improve efficiency and provider adoption.